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WP Plugin Clone and Development

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Create a plugin for our site to allow our users to update a database table. I think I have a great outline below and this should be easy for someone that knows what they are doing. Details: Display data from WordPress database, we have created our tables inside of the WordPress database -Con_PartRequest (Table) PartReqestPN (field) as “Part #” PartRequestAutoID (field) only used to track what is checked PUDate (field) this project will update this to the current date and time if executed -Con_OurPart (Table) OurPartAbrev (field) shown as “Description” StorageLocation (field) shown as “Location” Relations of above tables Con_PartRequest. PartReqestPN = Con_OurPart . OurPartID The following filters will need applied to data on table WPUserID = Con_PartRequest .PartRequestUserID Con_PartRequest .PUDate is null Data in table (user sees) should not be editable. Checkbox should be Checked/Unchecked when user clicks box or row of table When “Change to Picked Up” button is clicked 1. Update rows in Con_PartRequest (table) that are “checked” with current Date and Time in Con_PartRequest .PUDate 2. Refresh table to show any parts for user that were not picked up. A reload of the page is fine. Other requirements: A. Accent every other line of table with gray as shown B. Show total of items “checked” as “Parts Pulled” (# of rows checked) C. Example Form will be displayed on site pages where shortcode of “Contractor_Pickup” is utilized. D. Should display and function well on mobile devices. E. Name of Plugin “Contractor Parts Pickup” F. Plugin would be furnished to us as files, you will not have access to our site. Export of MYSql database tables available

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